I hope everyone of us is well and fine, despite what we all going through, I assume we are kicking up. Lately I haven’t been keeping up with my articles at least on a weekly basis, hence I have decided that this particular article will be split into at most 3 parts to share the jam of I thoughts I am facing.

The familiarity of social media amongst people, some of them being sellers and buyers, have made social media marketing/selling become one of the pillars of online business.

This makes social media platforms a puzzle to crack in order to succeed at whatever margin.

Basing on my practice, experience and some literature reviews on social media marketing/selling, I will highlight some key seeds to result into a successful social media performance.


The success or failure of social media marketing/Selling relies on the Audience saturation on a particular social media platform. On the other hand, we should note that, not everyone is our customer, but everyone is our audience since anyone can be our customers. This being the case, it means the communication shared should considers all categories of the Audience but intensively to the targeted audience.

In marketing, especially digital marketing, information is the key to almost everything, the ability to execute a perfect plan is a result of having enough “but not all the information” about the relating agenda. This brings us to a point where we have to know our Audience in and out. In other simpler words it is that, “you can’t sell to a person who you don’t know what they want and how they want it”
By knowing your audience, you will establish basis of “What, How and When“, but this is a story of another day.

Before you plan to execute anything, plan to know something first, it will help and change all your previous assumptions of how you think the product/service will perform, this proves another important point that, knowing about your audience starts even before developing the product/service.

A sharp social media audience intelligence will help you be exact, precise, and specific in establishing a target. A target product, a target communication, a target campaign

To be Continued

Mubarack M. Mwakuelu

Digital Marketing & Public Relations