The Marketing industry has witnessed drastic transformations over the last 10–15 years in the Telecoms, respectfully. Technology has accelerated these changes/transformations mainly by shifting customers need/wants/desires and how to satisfy them, hence Shift of Customer’s behavior, forcing the Telecoms to adopt.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2020: The Marketing Concepts

Hi! Its been a while, I hope every one of us is well and kicking. …


I hope everyone of us is well and fine, despite what we all going through, I assume we are kicking up. …


We often ask ourselves questions before deciding or jumping into conclusions, same in Digital Marketing, before taking any initiative towards the digital marketing world, you ask yourself numerous questions, such as Why? How? When? What? And so forth

The mother question that triggers other questions and answers called “the…



For the past decade the world has witnessed drastic technological changes, resulting to intensive utilization of Social media sites which came to be one of the powerful tools for business. As the Word itself “Social Media” the Social character is a must. For it to be…

Mubarack Mohammed Mwakyelu

•Digital Marketing and Public Relations Specialist👨🏾‍🔬 •Content Writer& Creator "I Write"

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